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Floor Dip-San Toilet Brush System - Each

  • Keeps the brush and toilet in a hygienic state
  • Backed by LifeTime Warranty
  • Integrated vessel lid
  • Deactivates MRSA, C Difficile, HIV, Hep B and C
  • Kills micro-organisms that give rise to unpleasant odours
  • Non-hazardous
  • Contains only biodegradable raw materials
  • Low environmental impact

The Dip-San toilet brush system provides a cost-effective system to suit all cleaning regimes. The brush is reusable and is designed to allow you to save money in recycling the product.

The toilet brush can quickly be cleaned with our Dip-San cleaning fluid to ensure the product is as good as new and ready for use next time.

The Dip-San toilet brush deactivates MRSA, C Difficile, HIV, Hep B, C and more. The product also kills micro-organisms that give rise to unpleasant odours.

If you are looking for a fast, cost-effective solution to improve the hygiene of your care home, the Dip-San brush system will be an ideal product to suit your needs.

The Dip-San toilet brush in non-hazardous and has a low environmental impact. Only biodegradable raw materials are included in the product.

There are floor standing, wall mounted and portable variations of the product available for you to choose from.

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