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Fresh Super Concentrated Antibac Multi-Surface Cleaner | 1Ltr

    • Fresh Antibac Multi Surface Cleaner
    • Super Concentrated
    • 1 Litre Bottle
    • Lemon Fragrance
    • Keep out of the reach of children

An extremely versatile product that combines efficient cleaning, degreasing and sanitising with a wide spectrum of activity as a virucide, bactericide, fungicide and deodorant. When used at the recommended dilution, it will remove a wide range of materials including body fats and oils, which may harbour germs, representing a potential health hazard.

How to Use

Follow the pictorial guide on the bottle. Tip dosing bottle to fill the chamber. When the chamber is full, revert cap and pour the contents into either a correctly labelled 750 ml trigger spray bottle, or 2.5 L bucket of clean water. Spray, on to a cloth wipe or mop area that requires cleaning, degreasing or sanitising. Leave to air dry and repeat is necessary.

1 x 10 ml Dose = 1x750 ml Trigger spray or 1 x 2.5 L bucket
Each bottle makes: 100 x 750 ml Trigger spray or 100 x 2.5 L bucket per 1 L


Eye Contact - Rinse immediately with plenty of water, seek medical attention if irritation occurs.

Skin Contact - Rinse with plenty of water, seek medical attention if irritation occurs.

Ingestion - Do not induce vomiting, drink plenty of water and seek medical advice. Please refer to Material Safety

Complies with - EN1276 (bacteria) EN1650 (fungal) EN13623 (legionella) EN14476 (viricidal) EPA Approved (NOROVIRUS, HIV, Influenza, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Adeno Virus).

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