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Suma Bac D10 Sanitiser Concentrate


Super concentrated liquid detergent sanitiser (for use with Divermite dispensing system)
Cleans & disinfects in one step
Suitable for food prep areas
Easy and economical to use
Cost in use 22p per trigger spray

For more information about the Divermite Dispensing Unit...
Please contact our Customer Service team on 01226 719090

The Divermite auto dose system is the established UK market leader.

Divermite combines the use of highly concentrated product formulations with accurate dosing to deliver the
maximum efficiency and cleaning performance. Controlled dosing means controlled and predictable costs.

Divermite requires no plumbing or electrical connections. It is safe to use as there is no contact with the
concentrated chemicals and the products are colour-coded for easy recognition with lockable dispensers.
The auto dose system is suitable for filling trigger bottles, buckets or sinks and reduces the amount of
chemicals released to the environment by up to 68% compared to manually diluted products. There is also
an 80% reduction in plastic weight compared to traditional 5 litre containers.

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