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Tena Pants - Super Large


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A disposable absorbent product that can be handled just like normal underwear. Encouraging more self-care, TENA Pants Discreet offers superb security and discretion. They are thin, soft and gently stretch to the shape of the body.

TENA Pants encourages greater independence and security. FeelDry™ technology rapidly absorbs even large quantities of urine into the core and quickly away from skin, keeping the surface exceptionally dry.

Body-Close Fit™ results in a less bulky product, increased discretion and an improved sense of dignity for the user. Individuals will stay dry and comfortable, reducing the risk of developing skin problems. TENA Pants offer outstanding dryness, comfort and healthy skin for individuals. Now with the addition of wetness indicators, advising when the pad needs changing, facilitating effective product use on every occasion.



<h2>New Product Features</h2>


<li>New anti-leakage barrier</li>

<li>Thin and pliable material</li>

<li>Breathable material</li>

<li>Elastic leg opening</li>

<li>Higher and softer anti-leakage barriers</li>

<li>Dual absorption zone</li>

<li>Odour neutralizer</li>


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