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Bay West

Bay West provides a range of accredited environmentally preferred washroom products that are at the forefront of ABS dispenser technology. Bay West products have been specifically designed to reduce paper consumption that in turn reduces costs and waste.


By attaining the EU Eco-label every part of the manufacturing process, from raw paper pulp to the finished product was analysed to ensure it met stringent GREEN guidelines, and Bay West products are officially GREEN WASHROOM products.


Bay West Dispensers are tried-and-tested and manufactured to the highest quality, allowing them to be suitable for use in hospitals, care homes and other healthcare settings.


The quality, consistency and dependability of all Bay West toilet tissue, hand towels and foam soaps is never compromised.


Bay West Dispensers offer cost in use savings with the main focus being on portion control. The Bay West range has recycled options for those looking for the Environmentally Friendly products and offers products which are certified with the Ecoflower accreditation.





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