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Countrywide Healthcare Supplies

Housekeeping Equipment

A diverse collection of essential housekeeping equipment, featuring a colour coded range of bins, storage boxes and trollies, floor care and mats, steps and trucks, maintenance equipment and sundries, laundry sundries and bathroom sundries. 

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  1. Dustbin Liner Medium Duty Black 457 x 725 x 860mm- Case of 200
    SKU: DA-0829
  2. Horizon Light Bio Laundry Detergent 10L - Each
    SKU: HC-3650
  3. Dissolvable Strip Laundry Bags Red 450x620x670mm - Pack 200
    SKU: DA-0815
  4. Heavy Duty Black Compactor Sack 559x850x1168mm 140G - Case of 100
    SKU: DA-0836
  5. Horizon Deosoft Iris Concentrated Softener 10L
    SKU: HC-3658
  6. Dustbin Liner Super H/Duty Black 457x723x965mm - Pack 200
    SKU: DA-0830
  7. Smartdose TASKI Jontec 300 Pur-Eco SD 1.4 Ltr - Each
    SKU: HC-3744
  8. Horizon Bright Low Temp Destainer 10L - Each
    SKU: HC-3654
  9. Sponge Scourer Pad 10 Pack
    SKU: HC-8120
  10. Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Sack (457x813x965) - Case of 100
    SKU: DA-0843
  11. Enhance Spot & Stain 750ml - Each
    SKU: HC-3685
  12. Zincote Scourer Pack of 8
    SKU: HC-8122
  13. WC Brush And Holder (Open Style) - Each
    SKU: HB-0071
  14. Persil Prof Non Bio Tablets 3 x 56 (168)
    SKU: HC-9046
  15. Horizon Bio Laundry Powder 90 Wash 6.3KG - Each
    SKU: HC-3660
  16. Dissolvo Sack Red (Strip Type) 450x700x750mm - Pack 200
    SKU: DA-0842
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Items 1-16 of 609

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