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Medical Equipment

Our wide range of medical equipment covers everything from the best quality thermometers to a variety of cost-efficient bedroom accessories. The range also features our brand new latex free automatic blood pressure monitor, perfect for use either in the home or care sector. 

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  1. Food Stick Thermometer With Plastic Cover - Each
    SKU: AC-3238
  2. Thermometer Refrigerator - Each
    SKU: AC-0893
  3. Side rail Mesh Pad for Profiling Bed 2000mm long - Pair
    SKU: EB-3025
  4. Probe Covers for Ear Thermometer KE-3260 - Pack 20
    SKU: KE-3262
  5. Ear Thermometer - Each
    SKU: KE-3260
  6. Xtreme Mattress V/P Cover(Divan Deep)Welded 3 Side Stitched 4th Side - Each
    SKU: ED-4012
  7. Pen Torch Disposable - Each
    SKU: KE-0506
  8. Thermometer Wall Mounted - Each
    SKU: EB-2124
  9. Food Check Probe Thermometer with Timer - Each
    SKU: AB-6510
  10. Mobile Commode Fixed Ht Det. Arm ( With Footrests ) - Each
    SKU: EB-3575
  11. Fall Out Mat 1900 x 600 x 70mm Blue V/P Cover - Each
    SKU: EB-3019
  12. Pharmacy Fridge Silencio DS301H - Each
    SKU: EC-1216
  13. Probe Covers To fit Braun Ear Thermoscan LS20 - Pack 200
    SKU: KE-3265
  14. Infrared Bedside Monitor - EACH
    SKU: ED-5992
  15. Mattress Medium Risk Royal Blue V/P Cover. 1980x880x125mm - Each
    SKU: ED-4019
  16. Blood Pressure Arm Monitor Omron M3 - Each
    SKU: KE-6469
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Items 1-16 of 597

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