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We are thrilled to offer BioHygiene products, the leading brand of biological cleaning solutions. Their range of cleaning products replaces harmful, non-renewable chemical ingredients with environmental biotech alternatives, to improve human and environmental health.

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  1. BioHygiene Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser RTU 750ml - Each
    SKU: HC-7127
  2. BioHygiene Organic Descaler HD (Heavy Duty) 1L - Case 6
    SKU: HC-7114-CASE
  3. BioHygiene Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 5L - Each
    SKU: HC-7107
  4. BioHygiene All Surfaces & Floor Cleaner RTU 750ml - Each
    SKU: HC-7106-CASE
  5. BioHygiene Wood & Leather Polish 750ml - Each
    SKU: HC-7093
  6. BioHygiene Urinal & Toilet Cleaner Clean Cotton 1L - Each
    SKU: HC-7082
  7. BioHygiene Foaming Washroom Spray - 750ml - Each
    SKU: HC-7160
  8. BioHygiene All Purpose Sanitiser Conc UNFRAGRANCED 5L - Each
    SKU: HC-7104
  9. BioHygiene Screen Printed Urinal & Toilet Refill Bottle 1L - Each
    SKU: HC-7153
  10. BioHygiene Eco Laundry Detergent (Bio) 10L - Each
    SKU: HC-7133
  11. BioHygiene Eco Laundry Destainer 10L - Each
    SKU: HC-7132
  12. BioHygiene Eco Laundry Softener 10L - Each
    SKU: HC-7134
  13. BioHygiene Foam Hand Sanitiser 500ml - Each
    SKU: HC-7146
  14. BioHygiene Hand Sanitiser Pouch Refill (800ml) - Each
    SKU: HC-7150
  15. BioHygiene Luxury Foam Soap 500ml - Each
    SKU: HC-7142
  16. BioHygiene Foam Soap UNFRAGRANCED 500ml - Each
    SKU: HC-7140
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