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Countrywide Healthcare Supplies


Diversey is a leading global provider of cleaning and hygiene solutions to the institutional marketplace, serving customers in the lodging, food service, retail, health care, food & beverage sectors.


Diversey has been embracing the social, environmental and economic implications of sustainability for over 100 years. The company have 10,500 employees worldwide, and have sales in more than 175 countries, a leading market position in every region.


The company has a rich legacy of businesses that were successful pioneers in the commercial, cleaning and hygiene business. Its roots begin in 1886, when S.C. Johnson founded his parquet floor business in Racine, Wis. Soon after, another of Diversey’s legacy businesses, Diversey Corporation, was founded in 1923 in Chicago.



Both businesses continued to grow and thrive throughout the 20th century, serving customers around the world. In 1996, Diversey Corporation was acquired by Unilever to become Diversey. Lever. Then, in 1997, what was known as S.C. Johnson Commercial Markets separated from its parent company to form Johnson Wax Professional.



In 2002, Johnson Wax Professional acquired DiverseyLever and the combined companies became JohnsonDiversey until March 2010, when the name was simplified to Diversey.



The brand has introduced many breakthrough products such as Revoflow®, SmartDose, Optifill, Trailblazer, Prospeed, TASKI® floor machines, CLAX® High Efficiency Laundry Program and DryTech 5 lubricant.



Diversey prioritise the importance of creating more profitable, sustainable enterprises for their business and customers.






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  1. Room Care R7 - Cream Cleaner
    SKU: HC-3696
  2. Shield 3 Way 1Ltr - Each
    SKU: HC-6003
  3. Soft Care Plus H41 800ml Antibacterial Hand Soap - Each
    SKU: HC-3770
  4. Suma Light D1.2 Washing Up Liquid
    SKU: HC-9024
  5. Shield Limescale Remover 1Ltr - Each
    SKU: HC-6002
  6. Soft Care Mild Natural Soap for Frequent Use
    SKU: HC-3878
  7. Good Sense Fresh - Odour Eliminator
    SKU: HC-3671
  8. Good Sense Marine - 500Ml
    SKU: HC-9074
  9. TASKI Sprint Flower SD 1.4L - EACH
    SKU: HC-3185
  10. Horizon Deosoft Iris Fabric Conditioner
    SKU: HC-3658
  11. Endbac Sanitising Tablets
    SKU: HC-3819
  12. Titan Sanitiser Powder
    SKU: HC-6748
  13. Smart Dose TASKI Jontec 300 Concentrated Floor Cleaner
    SKU: HC-3744
  14. Good Sense Break Down Odour Eliminator
    SKU: HC-3713
  15. Bryta 5-in-1 Dishwasher Tablets
    SKU: HC-3635
  16. Bryta Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner 750Ml - Each
    SKU: HC-6010
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