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iD Expert

iD Expert is produced by Ontex, one of Europe’s leading hygienic disposable manufacturers and distributors. iD Expert manufacture a wide range of incontinence products that excel the needs of individuals, carers, clinicians and healthcare services. Providing the highest quality incontinence products, all iD products go through rigorous quality testing processes before they are able to reach the user.


iD Expert understand that incontinence not only has physical implications on the user, and always pay extra attention to the emotional implications of all levels of incontinence. It’s product range has been carefully designed to help you to remain confident, and continue your usual activities with the ability to relax and feel protected.


Working hard to ensure their products are safe and pleasant on the skin, iD expert pads are all latex-free and dermatologically tested, minimizing skin irritations. iD Expert provide both users and carers with an efficient range of solutions to continence management.

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