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Countrywide Healthcare Supplies


With over 40 years of experience, TENA is a worldwide leader in supplying incontinence products, recognising the emotive issues surrounding incontinence for the individual.


Tena strives to provide products which are both environmentally friendly and discrete for the buyer, and are at proud to be providing products and services for individuals and healthcare services throughout 90 countries.


As the established brand leader with a 40% market share, Tena are at the forefront of developing products that are of exceptional quality to individuals, carers, clinicians and many healthcare services across the globe.


We are proud to stock products from a company that is working to dispel the many myths and taboos that persist, even today.


Shop through our selection of Tena incontinence products here. 

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  1. TENA Bed Plus 60x60cm
    SKU: ND-1074
  2. TENA Bed Super 60x90cm
    SKU: ND-1078
  3. Tena Pants Discreet Medium
    SKU: ND-1100
  4. TENA Bed Plus 60x40cm
    SKU: ND-1073
  5. TENA Slip Ultima - Medium
    SKU: ND-1070
  6. TENA Discreet Extra
    SKU: ND-5017
  7. TENA Slip Ultima Large
    SKU: ND-1071
  8. TENA Lady Maxi Night
    SKU: ND-5019
  9. TENA Discreet Extra Plus
    SKU: ND-5018
  10. TENA Men - Level 3
    SKU: ND-5012
  11. TENA Men - Level 2
    SKU: ND-1091
  12. TENA Men - Level 1
    SKU: ND-1090
  13. TENA Pants Maxi Small | Pack of 10
    SKU: ND-1140
  14. TENA Bed Plus 60x90cm
    SKU: ND-1077
  15. TENA Bed Secure Zone Plus - 60x75cm
    SKU: ND-1076
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15 Items

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