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Countrywide Healthcare Supplies

Waterproof Bedding

We offer cost effective, easy to clean bedding protection specially developed for nursing homes and hospitals. Pillow protectors, drawsheets, duvet covers and mattress covers are available in a variety of sizes.

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  1. Waterproof Terry Mattress Protector SINGLE - EACH
    SKU: JA-3300-SGL
  2. Mattress Protector Quilted W/Proof 3Ft (Single) - Each
    SKU: JA-3362
  3. Mattress Protector Quilted W/Proof 4Ft 6" (Double) - Each
    SKU: JA-3363
  4. Waterproof Pillow Protector - EACH
    SKU: JA-0967
  5. Mattress Protector Quilted W/Proof 4Ft (3/4) Polycotton - Each
    SKU: JA-3364
  6. MRSA Resistant Mattress Protectors, SINGLE - EACH
    SKU: JA-4042-SGL
  7. Dritech Duvet Cover Double (Velcro) 200x200cm - Each
    SKU: JA-2167
  8. Dritech Duvet Cover Single (Velcro) 137x198cm - Each
    SKU: JA-2095
  9. Dritech Mattress Cover Single (Velcro) 190x91x15cm - Each
    SKU: JA-0996
  10. Waterproof Terry Mattress Protector DOUBLE - EACH
    SKU: JA-3300-DBL
  11. Dritech Mattress Cover Double (Velcro)190x137x15cm - Each
    SKU: JA-0963
  12. Waterproof Terry Mattress Protector KING - EACH
    SKU: JA-3300-KNG
  13. Readi Disposable Bed Pad 60x60cm 950ml - Pack of 25
    SKU: ND-0997
  14. MRSA Resistant Mattress Protectors, DOUBLE - EACH
    SKU: JA-4042-DBL
  15. Waterproof Terry Mattress Protector 4 Foot - EACH
    SKU: JA-3300-4FT
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15 Items

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