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Countrywide Healthcare Supplies

Gloves & Aprons

Countrywide Healthcare offers a diverse range of gloves and aprons designed to assist you in your catering environment, featuring Stretch2Fit gloves and Vinyl gloves varying in sizes from extra small to extra large. We also offer a selection of disposable aprons available in a large variety of different colours, made from high-quality polythene. 

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  1. Gloves Domestic Medium Pink - Pair
    SKU: DC-0213-PI
  2. Gloves Domestic Large Blue - Pair
    SKU: DC-1103-BL
  3. Gloves Domestic Medium Blue - Pair
    SKU: DC-0213-BL
  4. Gloves Domestic Medium Green - Pair
    SKU: DC-0213-GR
  5. Gloves Domestic Large Green - Pair
    SKU: DC-1103-GR
  6. Gloves Domestic Large Yellow - Pair
    SKU: DC-1103-YE
  7. Gloves Domestic Large Pink - Pair
    SKU: DC-1103-PI
  8. Gloves Heavyweight Black Gauntlet ( Large ) - Pair
    SKU: DC-0216
  9. Gloves Domestic Small Blue - Pair
    SKU: DC-0212-BL
  10. Goggles Safety - Each
    SKU: AA-3700
  11. Gloves Domestic Small Green - Pair
    SKU: DC-0212-GR
  12. Gloves Heavyweight Black Gauntlet ( Medium) - Pair
    SKU: DC-0217
  13. Gloves Domestic Small Yellow - Pair
    SKU: DC-0212-YE
  14. Gloves Domestic Small Pink - Pair
    SKU: DC-0212-PI
  15. Sterile Nitrile Gloves Powder Free Blue - 50 Pairs Box - Medium
    SKU: TK-0731
  16. BioTouch Blue - Biodegradable Nitrile Glove - XL - Box 100
    SKU: TK-0526
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16 Items

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