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Knives & Boards

A diverse range of colour-coded chopping boards and knives for a variety of different catering purposes, designed to create an organised and efficient catering environment. The range includes carving knives, vegetable knives and bread knives. 

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  1. Paring Knife 9cm Green - Each
    SKU: AB-3577-GR
  2. Cooks Knife 21cm Red - Each
    SKU: AB-3130-RE
  3. Cooks Knife 21cm Green - Each
    SKU: AB-3130-GR
  4. Paring Knife 9cm White - Each
    SKU: AB-3577-WH
  5. Paring Knife 9cm Brown - Each
    SKU: AB-3577-BR
  6. Cooks Knife 21cm Yellow - Each
    SKU: AB-3130-YE
  7. Cooks Knife 21cm Brown - Each
    SKU: AB-3130-BR
  8. Paring Knife 9cm Red - Each
    SKU: AB-3577-RE
  9. Cooks Knife 21cm Blue - Each
    SKU: AB-3130-BL
  10. Easy grip Knife RED - Each
    SKU: CD-1095-RE
  11. Magnetic Holder for Knives - Each
    SKU: AB-3546
  12. Filleting Knife 15cm Blue - Each
    SKU: AB-3163-BL
  13. Cooks Knife 20cm Purple - Each
    SKU: AB-3130-PUR
  14. Carving Knife 25cm Red (Serrated) - Each
    SKU: AB-2083-RE
  15. SuperSafe Knife - Pack of 10
    SKU: DB-0866
  16. Cooks Knife 21cm White - Each
    SKU: AB-3130-WH
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16 Items

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