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Polycarbonate Tableware

A diverse collection of polycarbonate tableware products, featuring jugs and tumblers in a variety different colours, a range of dishwasher-safe wine glasses, clear or coloured dishes and a selection of polycarbonate cutlery. 

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  1. Fluted Tumbler Polycarbonate Clear 7oz - Each
    SKU: CB-2181-CL
  2. 10 oz Polycarbonate Fluted Tumbler Blue Transparent 28cl - Each
    SKU: CB-8060-BL
  3. Sundae Dish Clear Acrylic Swirl Design 9.5cm Dia
    SKU: CB-8094
  4. Tumbler Polycarbonate Lemon Fluted 7oz - Each
    SKU: CB-2181-LEM
  5. 10oz Polycarbonate Fluted Tumbler Clear - Each
    SKU: CB-8060-CL
  6. 9oz Polycarbonate Tumbler Fluted Clear - Each
    SKU: CB-8059-CL
  7. 10oz Polycarbonate Red Fluted Tumbler Transparent 28cl - Each
    SKU: CB-8060-RE
  8. 1.1 Litre Polycarbonate Jug CLEAR (microwave and dishwasher safe) - Each
    SKU: CB-8106-CL
  9. Polycarb Dinner Plate Narrow Rim White 23cm - Each
    SKU: CB-8078-WH
  10. Polycarb Bowl Narrow Rimmed White - Each
    SKU: CB-8077-WH
  11. Polycarbonate Mug Med Blue 28cl - Each
    SKU: CB-8079-MEDBL
  12. Polycarbonate Mug Red 28cl - Each
    SKU: CB-8079-RE
  13. Polycarbonate Tea Spoon Med Blue - Each
    SKU: CB-8087-MEDBL
  14. Jug Glass 1 Ltr - Each
    SKU: AA-0894
  15. Polycarbonate Side Plate 17cm White - Each
    SKU: CB-8080-WH
  16. 10oz Polycarbonate Fluted Tumbler Green Transparent 28cl - Each
    SKU: CB-8060-GR
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Items 1-16 of 161

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