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Countrywide Healthcare Supplies


Arpal offer an effective range of hygienic housekeeping consumables, including a diverse selection of surface cleaners, sanitisers, pleasant odour neautralisers, stain removers and much more. 

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  1. Brilliant Biodet Laundry Detergent 10ltr - Each
    SKU: HC-4020
  2. XP3 - Neutral Detergent Washing Up Liquid
    SKU: HC-4023
  3. Magic Urine Neutraliser
    SKU: HC-4016
  4. Adette ready to use Washing Up Liquid
    SKU: HC-4032
  5. Brilliant Fabfresh Fabric Softener & Conditioner Concentrate
    SKU: HC-4019
  6. Brilliant Fabfresh Ultra - 10 Litre
    SKU: HC-4133
  7. Magic Fabric Spot & Stain Remover
    SKU: HC-4018
  8. Biotek Citrus Clean - Lemon Hard Surface & Floor Cleaner
    SKU: HC-4013
  9. Brilliant Star Bright Destainer Concentrate 10L
    SKU: HC-4022
  10. Adamatic Universal Dishwash & Glasswash Detergent Concentrate
    SKU: HC-4005-CASE
  11. Biotek Odour Mask Concentrate
    SKU: HC-4014
  12. Carpet Fresh Extraction Shampoo - 5 Ltr
    SKU: HC-4017
  13. Adamatic Concentrated automatic dishwasher detergent (Hard Water) 5Ltr - Case of 2
    SKU: HC-4975-CASE
  14. Rinsal Universal Dishwash & Glasswash Rinse Aid Concentrate
    SKU: HC-4007
  15. Sonic Floor & Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate
    SKU: HC-4009
  16. Magic Spray & Shine Furniture Polish
    SKU: HC-4051
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