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Countrywide Healthcare Supplies

Hand Hygiene & Infection Control

A selection of hand hygiene soaps and infection control products, featuring the Preven's Paris natural dispensing system, pleasant creamy body wash, a variety of hand sanitisers and more. 

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  1. Soap Dispenser Soft Care Range - Each
    SKU: HC-3870
  2. Soft Care Fresh H1 800ml - Each
    SKU: HC-3872
  3. PURELL Hand Sanitiser, 100ml Bottle - EACH
    SKU: LC-0885
  4. Foam Dispenser Soft Care - Each
    SKU: HC-3874
  5. Intellicare Black Hybrid Dispenser - EACH
    SKU: HC-4269
  6. IntelliCare DispenserMan.Black 1pc W1 - EACH
    SKU: HC-4271
  7. BioHygiene All Purpose Sanitiser Conc UNFRAGRANCED 5L - Each
    SKU: HC-7104
  8. BioHygiene Foam Hand Sanitiser 500ml - Each
    SKU: HC-7146
  9. BioHygiene Hand Sanitiser Pouch Refill (800ml) - Each
    SKU: HC-7150
  10. BioHygiene Luxury Foam Soap 500ml - Each
    SKU: HC-7142
  11. BioHygiene Foam Soap UNFRAGRANCED 500ml - Each
    SKU: HC-7140
  12. BioHygiene Foam Soap Unfragranced Pouch Refill (800ml) - Each
    SKU: HC-7149
  13. Gojo Deluxe Lotion Soap with Moisturizer Pink NXT 1000ml - Case of 8
    SKU: LC-0815-CASE
  14. Flat Packed Green Aprons 30x58” 200g (760x1470mm 50mu) - Case of 250
    SKU: TK-0510
  15. Fresh Alcohol Hand Gel 500ml Pump Bottle - EACH
    SKU: LC-5939
  16. Disposable Safety Glasses - EACH
    SKU: AA-3711
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Items 1-16 of 21

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