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Bathroom Aids

A diverse range of bathroom aid equipment designed to provide patients with effective extra bathroom assistance. The range includes a variety of shower equipment such as beds, chairs and cradles, as well as an inflatable hair wash basin and handrails available in a variety of colours. 

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  1. Side rail Mesh Pad for Profiling Bed 2000mm long - Pair
    SKU: EB-3025
  2. Mobile Commode Fixed Ht Det. Arm ( With Footrests ) - Each
    SKU: EB-3575
  3. Mobile Shower/Commode Chair ( Bewl ) - Each
    SKU: EB-2182
  4. Fixed Static Shower Chair - Each
    SKU: EB-2177
  5. Semi-Closed Toilet Set - EACH
    SKU: HB-0702
  6. Inflatable Basin - Each
    SKU: ED-3023
  7. Side Rail Pads 1950 x 780 mm (For Use With Wooden Side Rails) - Pair
    SKU: EB-3026
  8. Raised Toilet Seat 15cm / 6" Rise White - Each
    SKU: EC-3159-WH
  9. Aidapt President Raised Toilet Seat and Frame
    SKU: EB-3090-WH
  10. Mobile Shower Chair with Fixed Arms ( Hythe ) 5mm Drain Holes - Each
    SKU: EB-2180
  11. Commode Community Tubular Steel - Each
    SKU: EB-1137
  12. Shower Stool Adjustable - Each
    SKU: EB-3345
  13. Toilet Aid ( Frame and Seat ) Red - EACH
    SKU: EB-3090-RE
  14. Toilet Aid ( Frame and Seat ) Blue- EACH
    SKU: EB-3090-BL
  15. Tilt Shower/Commode Chair - EACH
    SKU: EB-2185
  16. Raised Toilet Seat 10cm / 4" Rise White - Each
    SKU: EC-3158-WH
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Items 1-16 of 71

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