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Pressure Reducing

A selection of pressure reducing mattresses, with a choice of low, medium or high-risk mattresses depending on your specific requirements. The mattresses feature polyurethane foam and are available with either stitched or welded seams. We also offer cushions designed to prevent and treat pressure ulcers, mattresses featuring digital pumps and more. 

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  1. Mattress Medium Risk Royal Blue V/P Cover. 1980x880x125mm - Each
    SKU: ED-4019
  2. Cushion Low - Med Risk Mod. Foam (V/P Navy Printed Cover) - Each
    SKU: ED-4015
  3. Cushion High Risk V/P Cover - Each
    SKU: ED-4041
  4. Wiltshire II Dynamic Cushion with Manual Pump - EACH
    SKU: ED-6092
  5. Herida Avon Mattress High Risk V/P Cover, 1980x880x150mm - Each
    SKU: ED-4025
  6. The Berkshire Premium Gel Pressure Reducing Cushion - High Risk - EACH
    SKU: ED-4043
  7. Palm Protector with Fleece Lining, RIGHT HAND - EACH
    SKU: ED-6701-RIGHT
  8. Sapphire 2 Full Dynamic Mattress System
    SKU: ED-6093
  9. Repose Foot Protector Plus - Pair
    SKU: ED-6074
  10. Repose Foot Protector (Pair) & Pump - Set
    SKU: ED-6056
  11. Maxxcare Pro Heel Boot Standard- EACH
    SKU: ED-3010
  12. Palm Protector with Fleece Lining, LEFT HAND - EACH
    SKU: ED-6701-LEFT
  13. Dynamic Overlay Mattress & Manual Pump
    SKU: ED-6090
  14. Repose Cushion & Pump - Each
    SKU: ED-6055
  15. Slippy Heel Protectors - Pair
    SKU: ED-6702
  16. Offload Heel Pressure Relief Bootees & Pump - Pair
    SKU: ED-6079
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Items 1-16 of 52

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