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Sensor Pads & Fall Out

A range of sensor pads, bedside monitors and floor sensor pads in order to alert nurse call systems if unwanted movement is detected or a patient is at risk of danger. We also offer antibacterial bed and chair sensor pads and an emergency alert button lead for extra safety. 

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  1. Infrared Bedside Monitor - EACH
    SKU: ED-5992
  2. Nurse Call Kit - Each
    SKU: ED-5960
  3. TreadNought Anti-slip Mesh - Each
    SKU: ED-5986
  4. Adaptor from Fall Saver Connect Monitor to TreadNought Sensor Pad - each
    SKU: ED-5947
  5. Alert Button with Mono Lead - Each
    SKU: ED-5991
  6. Fall Savers Wireless Chair Sensor Pad - EACH
    SKU: ED-5905
  7. Fall Savers Treadnought Wireless Floor Sensor Pad - EACH
    SKU: ED-5906
  8. Fall Savers Wireless Bed Sensor Pad - EACH
    SKU: ED-5904
  9. Fall Savers Wireless Monitor - EACH
    SKU: ED-5900
  10. Fall Savers Wireless Transmitter for Chair & Bed Sensor Pad - EACH
    SKU: ED-5908
  11. Mains Power Adaptor for Sensor Pad Monitor - Each
    SKU: ED-5965
  12. Mono Cable Splitter ( Comprising of 1 x 1/4 Mono Jack Plug To 2 x 1/4 Mono Jack Socket )
    SKU: ED-5951
  13. Fall Savers Wireless Door/Window Alarm - EACH
    SKU: ED-5901
  14. Paging Set for Fall Savers Monitor - Each
    SKU: ED-5984
  15. Nurse Call Cable STEREO 2mtr - Each
    SKU: ED-6748
  16. Fall Savers Wireless Call Pendant - EACH
    SKU: ED-5903
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Items 1-16 of 35

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