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Treatment Room

A selection of medical treatment room equipment, including a comfortable examination couch in a variety of fifteen different colours, high-quality lift stools and leg rests. We also offer treatment room screen frames with an option of either curtains or solid panels, and oxygen and cylinder and dressing trollies. 

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  1. Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor - EACH
    SKU: KE-6472
  2. Panel Screen Frame
    SKU: EC-1139
  3. Set of 4 White PVC Curtains for Screen Frame
    SKU: EB-1159-WH
  4. Bd Microlance 21G X 1.5" Needle Tw - 100 Pack
    SKU: KF-0476
  5. Dressing Trolley - 46x46cm
    SKU: EC-1143
  6. White Panels for Screen Frame
    SKU: EC-1099
  7. 2 Section Examination Couch - Electric
    SKU: EB-3222-ELEC
  8. Leg Rest without Castors
    SKU: EB-3014
  9. Dressing Trolley - 61x46cm
    SKU: EC-1142
  10. 2 Section Examination Couch - Hydraulic
    SKU: EB-3222-HYD
  11. Oxygen Cylinder Trolley
    SKU: EB-3491
  12. Easy Clean Moveable Medical Privacy Testing Administering Booth Folding Screen Unit
    SKU: ZZ-8967
  13. Freestanding Drip Stand
    SKU: EB-3084
  14. Leg Rest with Castors
    SKU: EB-3013
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14 Items

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