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Primacare Rapid

A housekeeping and cleaning consumables range featuring products from our own brand, Primacare. The range includes a selection of washing up liquids, dishwashing detergents, fresh kitchen and bathroom sanitisers and more.  

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  1. PrimaCare Rapid Washing Up Liquid 10% 5Ltr - Each
    SKU: HC-1085
  2. PrimaCare Rapid Lemon Floor Gel 5 Ltr - Each
    SKU: HC-5859
  3. PrimaCare Bactericidal Hand Soap 5Ltr - Each
    SKU: HD-1078
  4. PrimaCare Rapid Powder Laundry Destainer 10 kg - Each
    SKU: HC-3194
  5. PrimaCare Rapid Low Foam Floor Cleaner Lemon Fragrance 5 litre - Each
    SKU: HC-3450
  6. PrimaCare Rapid Water Extraction Carpet Cleaner 5Ltr
    SKU: HC-0754
  7. PrimaCare Rapid Floor Gel Pine 5 Ltr - Each
    SKU: HC-3196
  8. PrimaCare Rapid Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner 750 ml - Each
    SKU: HC-1086
  9. PrimaCare Rapid Floral Disinfectant 5 Ltr - Each
    SKU: HC-1082
  10. PrimaCare Rapid Pine Disinfectant 5 Ltr - Each
    SKU: HC-1081
  11. Refillable Soap Dispenser - Each
    SKU: SA-3124
  12. PrimaCare Rapid Bleach 5 Ltr - Each
    SKU: HC-0750
  13. PrimaCare Rapid Low Foam/No Rinse Floor Cleaner PINE fragrance 5 litre - EACH
    SKU: HC-3451
  14. PrimaCare Rapid Cream Hand Soap & Body wash 5 Litre
    SKU: HC-0767
  15. Primacare Rapid 4 in 1 Foaming Washroom Cleaner RTU 750ml
    SKU: HC-3461
  16. PrimaCare Rapid Air Freshener Citrus Fresh 750ml - Each
    SKU: HA-5840
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Items 1-16 of 36

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