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Countrywide Healthcare Supplies


A selection of beds, mattresses, blankets and cushions designed to provide maximum durability and comfort for the patient. We offer beds with a variety of different water resistant covers, and mattresses with either multi-stretch, vapour permeable material or full foam divan depth mattresses dependent on your requirements. 

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  1. Xtreme Mattress V/P Cover(Divan Deep)Welded 3 Side Stitched 4th Side - Each
    SKU: ED-4012
  2. Mattress Medium Risk Royal Blue V/P Cover. 1980x880x125mm - Each
    SKU: ED-4019
  3. Ashmount Divan Mattress PVC Cover (Single) - Each
    SKU: BA-1122
  4. Nautilus Mattress (Single) - Each
    SKU: BA-1117
  5. Nautilus Mattress (3/4) 4'0" x 6' 3" Long
    SKU: BA-1115
  6. Herida Avon Mattress High Risk V/P Cover, 1980x880x150mm - Each
    SKU: ED-4025
  7. Nautilus 3/4 Bed Base (6' 3") Length (4') Width
    SKU: BA-1114
  8. Mattress Protector Quilted W/Proof 4Ft (3/4) Polycotton - Each
    SKU: JA-3364
  9. Ashmount Divan Base (Single) PVC Cover - Each
    SKU: BA-1124
  10. Nautilus Divan Base (Single) - Each
    SKU: BA-1118
  11. Air Mattress Evacuation Sheet - EACH
    SKU: EB-3510
  12. Underlay Foam Mattress 1980 x 880 x 50mm V36F (V/P Cover)
    SKU: JA-3372
  13. Headboard SMD-ILIV - Bolsena - Sand - Single
    SKU: BA-1140
  14. Bariatric Mattress ( 198 x 120 x 15cm ) - EACH
    SKU: BA-6681
  15. Picara High Risk Dynamic Deep Cell Mattress with Digital Pump - EACH
    SKU: ED-6098
  16. Nautilus Mattress (Double 4'6” x 6'3" )
    SKU: BA-1116
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Items 1-16 of 38

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