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Profiling Beds

A wide selection of profiling beds with side rails available in our own brand, Primacare. The beds are available in Beech, Maple, Oak or Walnut colours, with additional extential rails, extension brackets and mattress infills. 

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  1. Aries Profiling Bed and Mattress Bundle
    SKU: BA-6800
  2. PrimaCare Bariatric Bed
    SKU: BA-6680
  3. PrimaCare Pisces Low Electric Profiling Bed - Beech
    SKU: BA-6676-BCH
  4. PrimaCare Pisces Electric Profiling Bed - Beech
    SKU: BA-6659-BCH
  5. Aries Profiling Bed with Side Rails - EACH
    SKU: BA-6441
  6. 15cm Bed Extension And Side Rails for BA-6673 & BA-6478 Beds - Each
    SKU: BA-6480
  7. Standard Bed Extension Bracket
    SKU: BA-6694
  8. PrimaCare Bed End Facias
    SKU: BA-6479
  9. Medley Ergo 4 Set C-W Wood S-Rails and Standard Control - Each
    SKU: BA-6478-BED
  10. PrimaCare Select II Bed
    SKU: BA-6478
  11. Slider Assembly for SideRails (For BA-6478 & BA-6441 Bed ) - Set 2
    SKU: SP0049
  12. Invacare Essential Care Castellated Mattress - Each
    SKU: ED-4171
  13. Beech Extended Side Rails
    SKU: BA-6691
  14. PrimaCare Select Low Bed
    SKU: BA-6673
  15. PrimaCare Side Rails
    SKU: BA-6672
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15 Items

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