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2 Castor Warm Oak Over-bed Table - EACH

  • Suitable for profiling & deep base divan beds
  • Height adjustable
  • 53-82cm tall
  • Tilting top with lipped edge
  • Warm red oak

Economical overbed tables provide convenience for users who may be bed bound and need the stability of a table to eat or rest things on. It is suitable for profiling & deep base divan beds. Wherever this table is used, it is suitable for many beds and chairs because the height is adjustable to suit the needs or the user and the furniture; the tallest it will go is 82cm and the smallest is 53cm. Its tilting top allows different uses, such as activities like drawing; this will help prevent the user from straining themselves. The lipped edge stops food, books, and many other products from falling off. The neutral oak colours make this overbed table even more appealing because it fits in with most decor.

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